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New Online Firestop Product Training

The ‘IFC Firestop 204: Multi-manufacturer Firestop product familiarization’ course was created by multiple firestop manufacturer’s. In this 4-hr self-paced course, you will see various products from top manufacturers close up, learn how to identify them, understand how they should be installed correctly, and what to look for to identify incorrect installations. Enroll today to learn about the following topics:

  • Fire resistive Joint systems
  • Expansion Joints
  • Perimeter Fire Containment
  • Penetration firestop
  • Full-line firestop manufacturers

If you’re looking to obtain or renew your IFC Premier Certificate, this course is one of the requirements. It also qualifies towards the IFC’s Continuing Education Program and is accredited by the ICC. Click Here to Enroll

Don’t let this happen to the CPVC piping on your project!​

The IFC recommends not using a firestop product in contact with CPVC unless their compatibility is documented.

Read this IFC position statement to learn more:
Click Here for IFC Position Statement

Guide for Protection of Recessed Boxes in Fire-rated Walls Using Firestop Putty Pads, Box Inserts, Cover Plate Gaskets and Endothermic Mats.​

Firestop putty pads, firestop box inserts, firestop cover plate gaskets and endothermic mats are products that are often chosen for recessed box protection, but many times the application range and specific code requirements are misunderstood. This Guide will walk you through the different IBC limitations and protection options based on the IBC categories of recessed boxes:

  • Steel boxes up to 16 sq inches
    Steel boxes larger than 16 sq inches
  • Non-metallic electrical boxes of any size
  • Boxes other than electrical boxes

Read more here

UL makes critical changes to Ventilation Duct Listings.

Read this HNLN- IFC white paper to gain background on these changes and implications on their installation and ratings achieved. After reading you will:

  • Learn about recent updates to UL category code HNLN aimed at helping to ensure that the differences between Duct Assembly Categories are well understood.
  • Learn what is different about these new “Fire Protective Ratings” as compared to fire resistance ratings.
  • Understand why the correct types of systems need to be used, in their entirety, for the full length of the duct system.

“Fire Protection” ratings in industry are lesser than “Fire resistance ratings.” For example, closures (e.g. fire doors) have fire protection ratings, which excludes temperature rise criteria. This revision is highlighting that new differentiation.

For more information, see link to UL HNLN Guide Information:
UL Guide Information as of May 11, 2020

UL initiates penetration firestop system movement certifications.

In 2016, ASTM Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings issued standard E3037 “Standard Test Method for Measuring Relative Movement Capabilities of Through-Penetration Firestop Systems”.
UL has now finalized their testing and certification program that will verify conformance to the ASTM firestop movement standard.
A recording of an excellent 1-hour UL webinar on this topic is now available on demand. It explains the testing and certification program, and how the test data will be provided within penetration firestop system listings. The webinar recording can be accessed here.