Join The International Firestop Council

The International Firestop Council is a not-for-profit association of firestop manufacturers, distributors, inspectors, and users of fire protective materials and systems.

Why Join The IFC?

IFC Membership Types

1. Voting membership- Class A: A corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that manufactures, or sells under its own label, materials, systems, or devices for fire containment or passive fire protection use.

2. Voting membership- Class A1: Any entity operating as a firestop inspection company. Voting members are eligible to hold office and participate in IFC activities subject to the by-laws of the Corporation.

3. Associate membership- Anyone that does not qualify as a voting member.

IFC Annual Meetings

We meet two times per year to collaborate on improvement of our training and awareness programs. We examine opportunities to effect code changes and provide direction to the code consultant. Between meetings, we communicate with members on a regular basis on the status of pending code issues and solicits input on IFC positions. The IFC regularly invites representatives from the model code groups and test laboratories to attend IFC meetings to address issues of mutual interest and concern. These regular meetings provide invaluable insights into the code development process and are a valuable communication bridge with the model code groups. Play a part in keeping firestop requirements embedded within the codes, preventing code changes that could have been damaging to the industry.

More Reasons to Join

Codes & Standards

Knowing what is happening in the marketplace with regards to code development prior to it happening allows our members to-

  • Plan your strategies around these developments to help drive future sales.
  • Develop cutting edge new products and systems to meet the ever-changing building codes.
  • Foresee changes in the building code that could negatively impact business allowing companies to pivot to where the growth is.

Our organization retains North America’s leading Codes and Standards Consultants to stay apprised of what is going on in code development, represent the interests of our members and enhance fire safety.
For over 20 years, Mr. Tony Crimi, a registered professional engineer and specialist in Building & Fire Code related Codes and Standards throughout North America and Europe, has been working to advocate for our industry. Together with our Code Action Committee Chairs and members, Mr. Crimi has represented IFC in numerous forums, including the International Code Council (ICC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), ASTM, UL, ISO, and the National Building Code of Canada.

All International Firestop Council activities are closely monitored by IFC legal counsel to guard against any unintended antitrust or other legal problems.

Details and requirements are included in the IFC bylaws.