Premier Certificate

Premier Certificate: Highlighting the Program and Exam

Embark on a journey towards excellence in passive fire protection with the IFC Premier Certificate. This comprehensive program is tailored for professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in firestop systems. Elevate your skills and knowledge in four key steps:

Your Path to Fire Safety Excellence

Embark on your path to becoming a recognized firestop expert.

  • Exam Fee:
    $500 (Per Person) Covers the full cost of the initial certification exam.
  • Re-examination Fee:
    $50 if you need to retake the exam.

  • Re-examination fee or CEU application fee (after 3 year certificate expires):
    $150, or $50 for IFC member company employees.

Need Some Additional Help With Your Studies?

Want some additional help learning/understanding some of the reading list documents? IFC Special Inspector Member Firewise Consultants have a course that provides useful explanations and elaborations of a few of the most complex and technical documents in this Reading List. The course costs $99. You can access them in our preparation section.

The IFC does not receive any revenue from the pay-per-view purchase of these videos. We make you aware of them here as a service to those seeking to broaden their learning options, from a recognized expert instructor. Viewing these tutorial videos is not necessary in order to achieve a passing score on the examination. Over 150 people have passed the examination prior to these video tutorials being available. However, it is judged that these videos will be very helpful in allowing many people to gain a fuller and quicker understanding.